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The skills and knowledge you need, when and how you need it.


The skills and knowledge you need when and how you need it. Skills Generation is a next-generation RTO that invites all participants to experience what quality VET training and assessment should be. Whether you are seeking to enter a new industry at entry-level or you are looking to a promotion in your existing field, we would love to assist you with your dream.

You’ll never be a number to us. Our trainers and our admin team will work with you to ensure you are driving towards your training goals in timeframes and by training delivery that suits you.

We will provide you with world-class training and assessment delivered by world-class trainers and assessors because they are industry current and active in their professional fields and networks. Because they are highly experienced practitioners in their field as well as having significant training and assessment experience, all national qualifications delivered by the Skills Generation team meet industry standards.

Skills Generation will help you to choose your path.


We work with students until they're successful. No extra fees, no penalties, no hidden charges. Your success is our success

We only accept you into a course if we believe that you can achieve competency. Once you're accepted, we're committed to assisting you to achieve

You need to do your bit though! All Skills Generation graduates met industry standards upon graduation. If you are committed, we are with you all the way